Trips and Outings

Learning happens everywhere! That’s why we love to get our children into the local environment to experience the world around them. Our trips are carefully planned to give meaning, relevance and context to the knowledge children gain whilst in nursery.

We plan a range of trips every year from the Zoo to airport visits. Trips are often as simple as a bus ride to the library, a picnic in the park or a walk to the supermarket. Each outing has a focus to engage and enhance children’s learning.

Our exciting outings include:

Swimming Lessons

Pre-school children are offered Swimming Lessons. Children grow in confidence as they learn to put their faces into water onto developing the strokes to complete swimming awards.

Nature Tots Adventures

Whether it’s a bear hunt through the Park or Pond dipping for tadpoles, we really enjoy getting in touch with nature. Our introduction Nature Tots sessions always include important safety discussions to ensure the children understand how they keep safe whilst still enjoying our outdoor activities .

Making use of our Local Environment

Our children really enjoy our walks out in the community and there’s always lots to talk about along the way. We have community links with the Library, Dentist, Doctors, Vets, Florists and Butchers who provide us with educational discussions on our visits.

Walks to the ducks are another opportunity to explore the environment.