Sessions and Prices

Fee Schedule for 2018

Children Aged 0 - 3

Children Aged 3 - 5 or Children with Education Grant Entitlement

(Includes the Two Year Early Entitlement Grant)

Funded places are offered for 51 weeks of the year. There are a limited number of term time places available per year

A parent declaration must be signed on a termly basis in order to take up the free Early years Entitlement sessions.

Where Free Nursery Entitlement is used at another provider the nursery will charge the full rate for all sessions a child attends Heaton House Nursery.

What’s included in your fees?

All nappies, wipes, meals and snacks are included in your child’s nursery fees. If your child requires formula milk we ask that you provide this.

How to pay for nursery fees?

Payment for childcare are to be made by the 6th of each month by standing order or cash. We accept payments from all major voucher schemes and participate in the Tax Free Childcare Scheme. You may also be eligible for tax credits and should contact the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900.

Fees are still payable if your child doesn’t attend nursery due to holidays or sickness.

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Every child aged three and four is eligible to access free early education*. The funding allows you to access up to 15 hours per week during school term time (38 weeks per year- subject to availability) or 11.18 hours over 51 weeks of the years giving a total of 570 hours of free childcare.

Some two year old children are eligible for free childcare and early education, more information can be found by contacting your local Children’s Centre to asses eligibility.

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* Funding begins the term after your child turns three years old.

For those children attending Heaton House using the Free Education Entitlement Grants (i.e 15rs Childcare) meals are charged at the rate of £2 per meal. A charge of £2 for nappies will also be applied where required. Additional service charges may vary.

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Please take time to review the Nursery Childcare Agreement T&C's