Healthy Eating

At Heaton house mealtimes are not just an opportunity for nutritious well-balanced meals but a chance to explore and understand how food is grown and made. Mealtimes allow our children to socialise and communicate with their friends and to build independence skills. We encourage the children to assist in the food preparation process by providing age appropriate cooking to build on both their knowledge of food but also the process of cooking.

Our food is cooked on site by our Early Years Chefs using a varied range of ingredients. The menus are displayed in the nursery and have been compiled to ensure that the children receive a range of varied, interesting and nutritional meals.

Feedback is sought from parents, staff and children as part of future menu planning. We can also cater for any specific dietary requirements. Please ask for more details.

In addition to meals the children are offered regular healthy snacks and a choice of juice, milk or water to drink. Fresh water is available to the children all day.

For babies, we prepare formula feed following your instructions (formula not supplied) and will start to wean your baby when ready. At this time we like to work closely with each parent.

Why not try some of our favourite nursery dishes at home with these simple recipes?

Simple, tasty and healthy recipes for healthy Eating.

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