Our First Allotment Harvest

Our May Staff Meeting
26th May 2017
What is the Dough Disco?
15th June 2017

The Nature Tots activities allow our children to explore the natural world around them and observe how food is grown. We’re growing all types of fruit and vegetables; we started with some fast growing cress to show the children how things we eat can grow when looked after. From then onwards we’ve started to grow runner beans, pumpkins and lots more. We can’t wait to harvest them when they’re ready!

Last week we ate our first allotment vegetable, rhubarb (yes, a vegetable – I had to google it just to check!). Our chef, Kiye, made a delicious rhubarb crumble dessert from the allotment rhubarb. It was great to see the children’s faces as they saw the rhubarb change into a pudding. After having a spoonful myself I have to say it was very delicious 🙂