Diwali Celebrations

Kenyon Hall Pumpkin Picking (Friday 13th October 2017)
25th October 2017

Last week we had a fantastic time celebrating Diwali. Our children made some beautiful Rangoli patterns outside in the garden and at our front door for all our families to see.

As Diwali is the festival of light we explored colour and light, making our own Diva lights and exploring colour with powder paint. Some of the younger children explored colour through sensory play, coloured sand play and collages.

Our older children looked at the meaning of Diwali by exploring a number Hindu stories. They celebrated Diwali with a light party, dressing up in beautiful Indian clothing. The children listened to Indian music learning new dance routines.


Some of our children shared their Diwali experiences with their friends.

We had a fantastic time celebrating 🙂