‘Dancing Barefoot in Puddles’ BACE Conference – 24th June 2017

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20th June 2017
Our Eid Celebrations – June 2017
29th June 2017

On Saturday our staff had the pleasure of attending the Bolton Early Years Education BACE Conference.  We were immediately intrigued by the title of the conference, ‘Dancing Barefoot through Muddy Puddles’, and needless to say the conference content did not disappoint.

The key note speaker, Kathryn Solly, was the former Headteacher of the historic and diverse Chelsea Open Air Nursery School and Children’s Centre for nearly 17 years with endless experience of Early Years Education around the world. She spoke passionately about the benefits of the outdoor environment and the importance of giving children risk, challenge and adventure in their play; a real childhood experience!

We really loved her outdoor ethos of allowing children to be the instigators of their own learning.

We were brimming with ideas by the end of the conference and we’re really looking forward to putting those ideas into action.

Thank you to all the staff who gave up their Saturday!